Lauren Seki

Honolulu, HI

Ask Lauren about the Oregon State MPH program.

   Ask Lauren

Hobbies, interests, etc

Hiking and exploring new food places.

Why did you choose Oregon State for your MPH?

I chose OSU because of the knowledgeable and friendly faculty. Also, I admire the diversity of this school.

What is your favorite course taken in the MPH so far?

My favorite course taken in the MPH so far was Physical Activity Epidemiology because it was fun and rewarding interacting with my classmates about their SMART goals.

Most memorable experience in the program?

The most memorable experience in the program so far is taking on the challenging courses with the friends I made in my cohort.

What advice would you give someone thinking about getting their MPH?

Make sure you do your research about the program and reach out to the MPH ambassadors to share their experiences and concerns you have about the program.

If you were to recommend the MPH to your best friend, what would you say?

I would say that the OSU's MPH program consists of friendly and caring faculty that wants to help you succeed and reach your professional goals.