Charlotte Ladley

San Diego, CA

Ask Charlotte about the Oregon State MPH program.

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Hobbies, interests, etc

Music festivals, fitness, content creation, and hiking.

Why did you choose Oregon State for your MPH?

I chose OSU for my MPH because when I first stepped on campus, I felt like it was the right place for me. I have created so many friendships through the program and all of the professors have been so helpful with my journey in the MPH program.

What is your favorite course taken in the MPH so far?

My favorite course in the MPH program has been H 597, which is the Foodborne disease outbreak class. This class was very interesting and I learned a lot about the topic.

Most memorable experience in the program?

My most memorable experience in the program so far has been when the animals from the shelter came onto campus. It was amazing to get away from the stress of the term and focus on the animals that came in.

What advice would you give someone thinking about getting their MPH?

My advice would be to really think about what you want to do with your future and make sure it's something you truly want. Earning your MPH is hard work but very rewarding, so if you want to get your MPH, go for it. Even if you think your GPA is too low, just apply. You truly never know what might happen.

If you were to recommend the MPH to your best friend, what would you say?

The experience has been hard and tough at times but it is such a rewarding experience seeing how close you are to finishing your degree. The MPH program at OSU is incredible.