Brandon Park

Mill Creek, WA
Health Promotion Health Behavior

Ask Brandon about the Oregon State MPH program.

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Hobbies, interests, etc

I've started to pick up cooking since I'm living on my own and it's been exciting! I've bought some cookbooks and I am excited to create some wonderful and exciting dishes. I have a cat back home who I love and miss so much. I also enjoying playing and watching sports — volleyball, football, soccer and baseball. Go all Seattle sports!!!

Why did you choose Oregon State for your MPH?

It was relatively close to home and I loved the campus when I visited. I could feel a sense of community that I had when I was completing my undergraduate degree and I knew that was something that was very important for me when choosing where to attend to complete my studies.

What is your favorite course taken in the MPH so far?

I loved H 549 Mass Media and Health. It was a lot of fun creating my own media campaign and then get the chance to present it to my peers. A lot of time and effort went into the course but it was a memorable experience and definitely helped me become more knowledgeable about how impactful public health can be in creating a healthy community.

Most memorable experience in the program?

I would have to say completing my first year of the MPH program. At the beginning of spring term, the thought of having to create two separate projects (as well as present them) for H 549 and H 575 was daunting but it was all manageable and really exciting to complete! It was definitely memorable once I had completed my projects and presented the hard work I put in to my peers.

What advice would you give someone thinking about getting their MPH?

Public health is a field that is only growing in importance and recognition. Public health encompasses such a wide array of areas and disciplines. Pursuing an MPH gives you the opportunity to learn solid foundations of health.

With a MPH, you are able to connect your passions to the broader discipline of public health and are able to see the interconnectedness of human health with other areas such as politics and environmental health.

If you were to recommend the MPH to your best friend, what would you say?

Go for it! If you are passionate about health at the macro level and want to learn more about how essential protecting and improving community health is, pursuing an MPH is a great way to do so.

Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about the Oregon State MPH?

Work hard and have fun with it. See you on campus!