Accelerated MPH Program

College of Health

Earn credits toward your MPH while still an undergraduate.

The Accelerated Master's Platform allows current OSU undergraduate students to take graduate classes and apply those credits to their current undergraduate degree and transfer them to a participating graduate program. Up to 22 graduate credits will count toward a bachelor's degree and transfer to a graduate program.

We offer accelerated degrees in the following programs.

Environmental & Occupational Health

Environmental and occupational health professionals identify and measure hazards, study potential adverse health effects and discover new ways to control hazards.


Health Promotion and Health Behavior

Health promotion and health behavior specialists work to understand the social and behavioral influences at play in various communities, especially those with health disparities. They dig deep to get at the root of issues.


Health Systems and Policy

You want to effect real change in people’s lives, and you know that often begins upstream. To the source where the policies, rules and laws are created that make the biggest difference in the health and well-being of the greatest number of people.


Public Health Practice

With interdisciplinary training in public health practice, our rigorous curriculum incorporates key domains of public health work, including science, community, management and leadership, and policy and systems.