2011 Awardees | URAP



Congratulations to the URAP Awardees for the 2011-2012 Academic Year!

Dr. Mary Arnold | YA4-H! Youth Advocates for Health: Engaging Youth in Community Based Participatory Research
Tyler Davenport, Researcher

Dr. Marit Bovbjerg | Optimal Fetal Positioning: A Mixed-Methods Study of Midwives in Oregon
Anna Horn, Researcher

Dr. Viktor Bovbjerg | Secondary Analysis of Healthcare Outcomes Data
Verity Bishop, Apprentice
Clark Lawrence, Apprentice
Sylvia Cooley, Apprentice
James Thomas, Researcher
Julianna Pilafian, Apprentice
Marissa Yee, Researcher

Dr. Mary Cluskey | An Exploration of Health Food Promotion Among OSU Students Eating in On-campus Dining Facilities
Abby Chambers, Apprentice

Dr. Brigitte Cluver | Development of Agricultural Textile Made From Oilseed Flax Stems and Waste Wool
Randi Ponce, Apprentice

Dr. Peggy Dolcini | Translation of  Evidence Based HIV/STI Interventions Into Practice
Alyssa Hersh, Researcher

Dr. Emily Ho | Effects of Broccoli and Sulforaphane Supplementation on Cancer Prevention
Marilyn Allen, Researcher

Dr. Sam Johnson | Evaluating Balance and Strength of Older Adult Women in Exercise Programs
Cheryl Truong, Researcher

Dr. Minjeong Kim | Fast Fashion or Slow Fashion?
Anthea Vang, Apprentice

Dr. Megan MacDonald | The Motor Skills of Young Children with Autism
Maegan Childs, Apprentice

Dr. Gianni Maddalozzo | Can Whole-Body Vibration Reduce Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Foot Pain in Adults with Diabetes?
Bernard Roscoe, Researcher
Emmie Yeiter, Apprentice

Dr. Melinda Manore | Preventing Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) in Premenopausal Women:  Targeting Abdominal Obesity Through a Low-Energy Dense Diet and Exercise
Whitney Lay, Researcher

Dr. Megan McClelland | Touch Your Toes! Kindergarten Readiness Study
Kevin Harper, Apprentice
Jennifer Lane, Apprentice

Dr. Marc Norcross | A Comparison of Neural Profiles and Lower Extremity Energy Absorption in Healthy and ACL-Reconstructed Populations
Yongsuk Choi, Apprentice
Austin Coupe, Researcher

Dr. Mike Pavol | Identifying Different Types of Fallers Through Gait Analysis
Bergen Lindauer, Apprentice

Dr. Leslie Richards | Producing for the Future:  A Community Garden Collaboration Between Low-Income Youth, Congregations, and Researchers
Sarah Najdek, Apprentice
Rebecca Rau, Researcher
Lacy Weinblatt, Apprentice

Dr. Siew Sun Wong | Childhood Obesity Prevention Nutrition Education Game Development
Joseph Ryan, Researcher

Dr. Joonkoo Yun | Examining the Effectiveness of the IMPACT Program
Chengcheng Jia, Apprentice