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Change of major

Please fill out the CPHHS change of major form to reserve a seat in a Change of Major session. (see the form for more details)

Please note:

  • The change of major form will only be available during weeks 5-10 of each term.
  • During weeks 1-5 students must make an appointment with the advising office to change their major.

Student Grievance and Complaint Policy

  • If you feel you have been treated unfairly or do not agree with a decision that has been made by a member of the faculty or staff, refer to the Student Grievance and Complaint Policy to determine which steps are available for students to take.

FAQ | Pre-Public Health to Full Major

  • The advising office will no longer require an application to move to the full Public Health major. There is no action required from you to move to the full Public Health major (unless you have pending transfer coursework) Read the full FAQ.

Easy Steps to Graduate on Time

    Career Resources

    Staff, programs, and resources at the The Career Development Center are available to you during your time at OSU as a student as well as once you graduate. The Career Development Center can help you discover your interests and select a major or field of study, provide resume and cover letter feedback, find an internship or full-time employment, or apply for graduate or professional school.

    Academic Resources

    Registration PIN | For all current enrolled students in CPHHS, PIN numbers will be available for Fall Registration in mid-April.  PIN numbers for the college only change once a year. A photo ID is requirement to receive your PIN. No PIN’s will be given out over the phone or by email. 

    Academic Calendar | University wide dates for events such as registration, last day to withdraw from class, last day to S/U a class, and much more.

    Academic Fresh Start Policy | An Oregon State University undergraduate student may petition once with the Registrar to exclude OSU courses from the calculation of institutional requirements, credits, and grade point average, under a condition of academic fresh start.

    Academic Success Center | A student-centered, friendly place where students can come for assistance and to get questions answered.

    Baccalaureate Core classes | The Baccalaureate Core (Bacc Core) Curriculum represents what the OSU faculty believes is the foundation for students' further understanding of the modern world

    Campus Life | Students can choose from more than 300 clubs and activities, including student government, sports, community service, social and environmental awareness, Greek life, theater and music.

    Collaborative Learning CenterLocated in the Learning Commons, the CLC has a variety of services to help support your studies. During scheduled hours, you'll find peer tutors and GTAs from the College of Science, the Academic Success Center, and the Writing Center.

    Economics tutoring | Featuring Free Tutoring For Undergraduates In Lower Division Core Economics Courses

    Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) | The EOP program was created at Oregon State University in 1969 and provides support to students of color, students with disabilities, students who are single parents, low-income students, students who have been rurally isolated, veterans, older-than-average (25+), or 1st generation in college (neither parent graduated).

    Glossary of Terms | Terms often used in Undergraduate Advising and the College.

    GPA Calculator |  Refer to MyDegrees

    University Honor’s College | The UHC is a small degree-granting college within Oregon State University. The UHC offers OSU's most prestigious degree, the Honors Baccalaureate Degree, which can be earned in any undergraduate major.

    How to Training Tutorials Video tutorials provided by the OSU Office of the Registrar. Topics include Grading, Graduation, and Registration.

    Math Learning Center | The MLC provides many services including free drop-in tutoring provided by GTA's, faculty volunteers, and a few hired undergraduate tutors.

    Mole HoleThe Mole Hole provides tutoring in general chemistry. It is located in the CLC of the Valley Library.

    Pre-Med Information | Preparing for medical school


    Registration Tips | Registration tips from PHHS Academic Advising

    Registration Tutorials | Video tutorials from the OSU Office of the Registrar

    Senior Wrap-UP session | 44 minute video of an information session, held October 24, 2011, to inform seniors expecting to graduate within the following three terms what they need to know in order to graduate.

    Support Services | OSU support services for students

    Suspension (pdf) | Instructions for suspended students

    Transfer Credits | Information about how OSU accepts transfers.

    Tutoring Resource | The Academic Success Center will help you with tutoring services including: Academic Coaching, Academic Learning Services, Peer Education Training, Summer Bridge Experiences, Supplemental Instruction, University Exploratory Studies Program, and Writing Center.

    Worm Hole (Physics) | Physics Tutoring

    Writing Center | The Writing Center is part of the Academic Success Center and is a support service for students and faculty at Oregon State University. The Writing Center offers free help with any writing task at any stage of the writing process and is open to all OSU students. Writing assistants can help with all aspects of the writing process from brainstorming and organization to questions of grammar and usage. Students may also submit their work-in-progress to the Center's Online Writing Lab