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Begin by reading through the Education Abroad Major Advising Sheet for Kinesiology. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you integrate your Kinesiology degree with an international experience.

Exchange Opportunities

Exchange with Fu Jen University, Taiwan

This program is designed to allow students to be independent while at the same time have access to the host faculty member from Fu Jen University. Located in bustling Taiwan, Fu Jen campus is centrally located with easy access to the downtown shopping district and cultural sites. Course work will be primarily focused on electives and Bacc core requirements and is a perfect opportunity for first and second year students who often are not eligible for other programs that require Junior/Senior standing.


Both the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and the University of Sydney in Australia are considered outstanding research and teaching institutions in exercise sciences internationally. Modern research facilities provide students with up-to-date equipment and world-wide access to knowledge. National passions for sport and top notch sporting venues make these countries destinations for world class athletes. Beautiful scenery, cultural diversity, and limitless opportunities to expand one’s global experiences make these exchange opportunities something not to be missed.

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Department of Sport & Health Science

Jyväskylä is the only teaching and research university in Finland with a program in Physical Education and Sport Science. It offers curriculum in sport pedagogy, sport and exercise psychology, adapted physical education, dance pedagogy, sports planning and administration, sport sociology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, science of sports coaching and fitness testing, gerontology and public health, physiotherapy, sports medicine, health education, and occupational therapy.

Finland is the seventh largest country in Europe, and after Iceland, the second most northern country. Despite its image as a snowbound landmass, it has temperate and distinct seasons. Jyväskylä is situated in the heart of Finland, approximately 300 km from the capital, Helsinki. It is a city rich with culture and arts, sporting events, education and business.

Where | Jyväskylä, Finland
When | Fall or Winter/Spring terms
Application Informaiton | Application for Fall semester are due by February 15th. Application for Spring semester are due by October 31st. Apply at OSU International Programs
Contact | Carey Hilbert (PHHS Advising Office)


University of Sydney, Australia

Department of Health Science

The University of Sydney faculty in Health Sciences is recognized nationally and internationally for quality teaching and research, and programs provide a solid foundation in both clinical experience and professional knowledge. Undergraduate areas of study include: behavioral health science; exercise and sport science; nutrition; leisure and health; occupational therapy; and physiotherapy. Specifically in Exercise and Sport Science, research focuses on disease and disease risk, biomechanics, sport performance and neuromuscular control.

Sydney is Australia’s oldest and largest city and the business and cultural center of the country. It is located on the spectacular east coast, which is known for superb beaches, an average of 342 sunny days a year, and beautiful natural scenery. Students in the Health Sciences study at the Cumberland Campus in Lidcombe, approximately one hour from downtown Sydney. And, because Australia is on the other side of the equator, our fall is their spring, our winter is their summer.

Where | Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
When | Fall semester (summer/fall quarters from late July-December) or Spring semester (winter/spring quarters from February-May)
Application Informaiton | Application for Fall semester are due by February 15th. Application for Spring semester are due by October 31st. Apply at OSU International Programs
Contact | Carey Hilbert (PHHS Advising Office)

Study Abroad

Nutrition and Kinesiology majors can study abroad at a variety of international English-speaking schools where they can focus on their major requirements and interests. Some examples include Australia, Ireland, Finland, France, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. Students can also elect to study abroad for intensive terms to work on a foreign language. Students with high language proficiency can choose to study Nutrition and Kinesiology in several other languages around the world

Where | locations throughout the world
When | year round
Application Information | IDEA website for current OSU students
Contact | IDEA contact info

IE3 Internships

IE3 Global Internships facilitate international internships for Kinesiology students around the world in such areas as medicine, nutrition, teaching, and health & wellness. Students can generally do IE3 Internships starting in their junior year, and most financial aid and scholarships can be used to pay for these internships. During IE3 Internships, students can earn up to 12 credits per term at OSU.

Use IE3 Internships' Find An Internship page to find internships based on location, language, professional focus and/or academic major.