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Begin by reading through the Education Abroad Major Advising Sheet for HDFS. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you integrate your Human Development and Family Sciences degree with an international experience.

Study Abroad

Human Development and Family Sciences has many students involved in many different global opportunities, and for good reason. An international experience can provide you with necessary skills to work effectively with an increasingly diverse U.S. population and global job market. Employers in Human Development and Family Sciences related to not-for-profit agencies and research projects in early childhood, adolescence, and aging, seek personnel with a multicultural view. Local, state, federal and international agencies value the skills and experiences gained by students who go abroad. There are many choices that will work for every Human Development and Family Sciences student.

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IE3 Internships

The following Global IE3 internships have been pre-approved for credit in the HDFS 209 Introductory Internship and HDFS 410 Advanced Internship:

Use IE3 Internships' Find An Internship page to find internships based on location, language, professional focus and/or academic major.