The CPHHS Undergraduate Student Council (USC) is a group of undergraduate student representatives from each of the programs within the College who serve as peer representatives to the administrative body of the college.

USC members are chosen through a faculty nomination process based upon their academic and co-curricular involvement and serve for the duration of one academic year. One representative is elected for each undergraduate program within the college.

The undergraduate student council:

  • Unites leaders from each of the college's programs to serve as peer representatives of the undergraduate students.
  • Advise the Dean and Associate Deans on issues regarding the college's undergraduate student body and act as a voice for the majority
  • Share information pertaining to the College’s mission, vision and values to the undergraduate students

Faculty contact | Vicki Ebbeck


As the College of Public Health and Human Science's Undergraduate Student Council, we seek to:
Increase the student voice by providing opportunity for meaningful dialogue with fellow students and faculty, thereby enhancing the educational experience. Together, we collectively continue in our dedication to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities in Oregon and beyond.


As peer-representatives and members of the Undergraduate Student Council we:

Act as a voice for the student body and a conduit of information flow between students, faculty, and administration.

    Degree option Undergraduate council member Contact
    Applied Exercise and Sport Sciences open - contact to apply  
    Athletic Training open - contact to apply  
    Child Development open - contact to apply  
    Dietetics Gabrielle Kent
    Fitness and Nutrition Kailia Walter
    Fitness and Nutrition (At Large) Kari TenBroeck
    Health Management and Policy Mackenzie Olson
    Health Promotion Health Behavior Nikki Rieken
    Human Development and Family Sciences General open - contact to apply  
    Human Services open - contact to apply  
    Nutrition and Health Sciences open - contact to apply  
    Physical Education Teacher Education open - contact to apply  
    Pre-Therapy and Allied Health Chris Asplund
    Administration Contacts
    Vicki Ebbeck Associate Dean for Student Success
    Mackenzie Olson Assistant