How do I pick up my PIN number to register?


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Be sure to also check the Policies Page.

If you are a current student in CPHHS (registered for classes on campus) we distribute new PIN numbers each Spring term for the following academic year. They are available mid-April. You are required to show a photo ID to receive your PIN. We don’t give PIN numbers over the phone or email.

If you are a new student for Summer or Fall terms, you will need to attend an Orientation during the summer. For Winter and Spring admits there will be a scheduled orientation through the advising office. Please contact the advising office for further information. These programs are for students who have never attended classes at OSU.

Baccalaureate Core


The Baccalaureate Core (Bacc Core) Curriculum represents what the OSU faculty believes is the foundation for students' further understanding of the modern world. Informed by natural and social sciences, arts, and humanities, the Bacc Core requires students to think critically and creatively, and to synthesize ideas and information when evaluating major societal issues. Importantly, the Bacc Core promotes understanding of interrelationships among disciplines in order to increase students' capacities as ethical citizens of an ever-changing world.

For a list of the Bacc Core Classes visit the OSU online catalog

I’m a Re-Admit, what do I need to do to register for classes?


If you have been out of OSU for more than 4 terms (not counting summer) then you’ll need to be re-admitted to the University. (Readmittance to University).

I’ve been suspended, what do I do now?


If you want to return to OSU, students will need to meet with an adviser. Prior to meeting with an adviser, be sure to read the Oregon State University Instructions For Suspended Students (pdf)

How do I change/add majors/minors within CPHHS?


Meet with an advisor for the newly selected major/minor and call the Advising office to set up an appointment. 

What does “Professional Program” mean?


There are a few majors in the CPHHS that are Pre-Professional programs. Students must apply to these programs once prerequisites are completed. Applications for these programs are submitted during Spring term only. Admission to these programs is very competitive. Please review the program for requirements.

What are my options within a major?


An option is at least 21 credits of designated courses in the major, at least 15 credits of which are upper-division courses (numbered 300 and above). Most majors in the College of PHHS require an option.

How do I become an Ecampus student in CPHHS?


CPHHS offers a Human Development and Family Science degree with a General option. If you are a new student with Ecampus, complete the online orientation through Ecampus. When the orientation is complete the Ecampus advisor will contact you.

What if I’m undecided about a major?


Coursework for most majors is fairly flexible in the first year with the exception of science sequences. Many students are able to choose a major after taking several baccalaureate core classes; these classes are easily transferable among the various majors. Undecided students may also choose to change their college of enrollment to the University Exploratory Studies Program (“UESP”). Advisers in UESP are specially trained to help students choose a major that’s right for them.

What is Degree Partnership Program (DPP)?


The Degree Partnership Program (DPP) promotes educational attainment and bachelor's degree completion by allowing students to be jointly admitted and concurrently enrolled at Oregon State University and Oregon community colleges.  Follow the instructions at How to Apply.  (Degree Partnership Program)

Are minors required in CPHHS?


No. Students in CPHHS are not required to have a minor; however, many students choose to complete a minor to complement their major or to meet credit hour requirements.

Where can I find information on 'Testing out' of HHS 231?


Special Examination for Waiver or Credit information can be found on the Lifetime Fitness for Health HHS 231 page.

What is the PHHS S/U Policy?


Students with majors and/or minors in the CPHHS may not S/U any required course. Students may however, S/U Bacc Core classes and electives (including courses offered by their major or minor department), if not required for the major or minor. 

What about a pre-med/pre-nursing/pre-professional major?


OSU does NOT offer a major in pre-med/pre-nursing/pre-professional studies. Students interested in the health professions are encouraged to declare a major in a subject of interest. Professional health programs do not require any particular major; however, pre-med/pre-nursing/pre-professional students need to complete the necessary science and math prerequisite courses for acceptance. Several majors in CPHHS have the prerequisites built into their curriculum. Check out our Pre-med page for more details.

Can I teach after graduating from OSU?


Students are required to obtain teacher licensure to teach. OSU offers the Education Double Degree program as well as several Master’s degree programs through the Graduate College.

How can I calculate my Grade Point Average (GPA)?


MyDegrees will automatically calculate GPA. Log into Student Online Services and enter Student Records. At the top will be the link to MyDegrees.

What university resources are available for advising?


How can I submit a grievance or complaint?


If your feel you have been treated unfairly or do not agree with a decision that has been made by a member of the faculty or staff, you may file a grievance or register a complaint by reading through the Grievance and Complaint Policy