Producing for the Future


Producing for the Future

Producing for the Future: A Youth Garden Project

Welcome to Producing for the Future, a youth garden research project spearheaded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health in 2010. Gardens are located at churches in Corvallis and Sweet Home.

Overarching Goal

The goal of this project was to bring together low-income youth transitioning to adulthood, members of faith-based communities in two Oregon towns, and university researchers, in a project designed to:

  • provide training, employment, and improve health outcomes for vulnerable youth,
  • offer opportunities for adults from faith-based congregations to address issues of social injustice, and
  • build community partnerships leading to a sustainable youth garden entrepreneurship program.

Using a Community-Based Participatory Research design, this project aimed to increase access to locally grown organic foods and promote physical activity while providing training and education for youth at risk.


The research team is currently analyzing quantitative and qualitative data to develop a model for systematically evaluating and disseminating information about youth garden/faith-based collaborations. Findings will be presented in spring 2013. Please check back periodically or contact Leslie Richards for more information.

Get involved!

Join us for an upcoming meeting or garden event at our Corvallis or Sweet Home gardens.

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