Sunil Khanna, Ph.D.

Professor, Robert and Sara Rothschild Endowed Chair
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School of Biological and Population Health Sciences
Global Health
Research/Career Interests: 

Research interests include the complex interrelations of biology, culture, gender, ethnicity and health in South Asia and the United States. He uses diverse yet complementary field techniques such as ethnographic research and qualitative methods, microdemographic survey and nutritional anthropometry in his research studies. A research project in India addresses the availability and use of new reproductive technology for the purpose of prenatal sex determination and practices of sex selection in urbanizing north India.


The Cultural Politics of ReproductionTHE CULTURAL POLITICS OF REPRODUCTION
Migration, Health and Family Making

Edited by Maya Unnithan-Kumar and Sunil K. Khanna

Charting the experiences of internally or externally migrant communities, the volume examines social transformation through the dynamic relationship between movement, reproduction and health. The chapters examine how healthcare experiences of migrants are not only embedded in their own unique health worldviews, but also influenced by the history, policy and politics of the wider state systems. The research among migrant communities an understanding of how ideas of reproduction and “cultures of health” travel, how healing, birth and care practices become a result of movement, and how health-related perceptions and reproductive experiences can define migrant belonging and identity. ISBN  978-1-78238-544-8

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Reading non-fiction, cooking, hiking and traveling