Enrollment in PAC classes follows the same procedures as all OSU classes; students register online.  If the class is closed, please follow these suggestions:  

  • Add yourself to the waitlist of the course.  Look for the CRN# of the course and input this on your main registration page down at the bottom.  Select that you would like to be waitlisted.  Attend the first week of classes if you are on the wait list.
  • Check the web for open sections or call the PAC office (737-3222) or drop into Langton 123 to see which classes are open.  Continue to try and register periodically.  People will drop classes and create openings.
  • Should the instructor allow you to add when the class is closed, you must complete a Course Restriction Override Form, have it signed by the instructor and return to the office.  This must be completed by the second week of the term.


Students may choose to take the class either for a grade or on an S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) basis.  It may also be possible to audit a class and not receive a grade or credit. The instructor will need to give permission to audit a class.


Because the program is expensive to conduct and is not fully supported financially by the State System of Higher Education, there is an additional fee for each PAC.  The fee as of 2011 is $46.00/class.  The following classes also have additional fees apart from the PAC fee: bowling, scuba, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and some special topic classes.

A laboratory fee accompanies all PAC classes; the student's account will be billed.  Refunds of the PAC fee and any additional fees follow the University guidelines for refunds as printed in the schedule of classes.


PAC classes are held in Langton Hall, the Women's Building, Dixon Recreational Center, Intramural fields, Tennis Courts, Reser Stadium and Trysting Tree Golf Course.


Each student in a PAC class may check out a storage basket at no additional fee. These are located in either Langton Hall or Women's Building basement, and the check out room is also in the basement. Check out includes a lock, a towel can be purchased for an additional fee.  During class-time students may use the available large lockers for storage.

Locker registration


The PAC program is open to all students. Students with disabilities are welcome to take any class. Although it may be necessary to adapt equipment, the facility, or instruction to permit safe instruction, every effort will be made to accommodate such requests.  PAC 100, Adapted Physical Activity, is open only to students with permanent or temporary disabilities. It is an individual workout class taught by graduate students in Movement Studies in Disability and EXSS faculty. Students who are not able to complete other classes due to injury or severe illness may transfer to PAC 100 and continue to work for credit if able. This may either be a permanent transfer for the term, or the student may return to the original class. Both land and water sections are available.  Joonkoo (J.K) Yun is available for consultation with students with disability.


Risk is associated with many of life's activities including the PAC program. The College of Public Health and Human Sciences and the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences will minimize these risks by providing safe activity areas, adequate equipment, and capable instruction. It is highly recommended that students purchase a student health/accident insurance policy. This is available through the University, private carriers, or in many cases, through a family policy. If uninsured, relatively minor accidents and/or health problems can lead to great expense.