Getting Started

Please complete this form indicating "P" for "Prefer to teach" and "C" for "Can teach". Use the space at the bottom to describe your qualifications to teach each preferred class (P). Completed forms can then be sent to  Please note that if you are applying to an online posting, do NOT send this directly to Drew, please attach the completed form to your application as is indicated in the posting directions.


Preparing for Classes


Key Request Process

  • Submit key request form
  • Issue Room staff will request authorization for requested keys from faculty/staff supervisor. Following authorization, a confirmation email will be sent to faculty/staff member requesting keys. The email will include information about where to pick up the key issue form and next steps.
  • After you pick your keys up at the Key Shop, you must send the key numbers to the Issue Room Staff at


Delivery of Class


PAC 100

  • This course is for students with permanent or temporary physical disabilities and for students enrolled in a PAC course who sustain an injury and cannot participate in their enrolled PAC course. This course is repeatable for a maximum of 11 credits. Each exercise program is designed to meet the specific needs of the student. 
  • PAC 100 Form (pdf)
  • PAC 100 Course Catalog 
  • For questions, contact 


Instructor Injury



Volunteers are used in a variety of capacities within the PAC program, the expectations of a volunteer are defined by the supervisor.  However, any student participation, leading, demonstrating, or assisting in anyway in a PAC class should either be enrolled in the course, paid as support staff, or be identified as a volunteer.  All volunteers should complete a volunteer form for their service.


Finishing the Term


Current Research

  • Sports Education Model (ppt)
  • Sport Ed Research (pdf)
  • 20 Trends in 2014 Past PAC Newsletters April 2014 (pdf)


Student Conduct Code: What OSU Faculty Should Know
Disruptive Behavior: What can you do?
Reporting Academic Dishonesty
Student Registration Process: 
Center for Teaching and Learning
Blank Timesheet (doc)
Personal use of EXSS activity spaces (doc)
Partner Workout Sheet (pdf)