Because of large-scale macrosocial forces including globalization, urbanization, health disparities, and population aging, the world’s health needs are changing. These complex problems demand interdisciplinary approaches and system-based solutions. To this end, we are building a vibrant community of scholars and cultivating interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty in the college, across the University, and with other institutions to address complex public health problems.

Joint CAS and CPHHS Ignite Colloquia: Food Insecurity and Food Safety.

CAS CPHHS ignite 2017 thumbnailFriday February 24, 2017

Topics may include but are not limited to: chemical contaminants in food/diets; food processing/packaging alternatives and human health; applications of probiotics in food safety; community-engaged nutrition education; family and community food security; dietary factors and chronic disease risk;  sustainable and equitable community food systems; safety of GMO foods and food products.

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Joint COE and CPHHS Ignite Colloquia: Precision Health

Joint COE and CPHHS Ignite Colloquia: Precision HealthMarch 10, 2017

Topics may include but are not limited to: improving early detection of pathogens and infectious disease outbreaks; modernizing public health surveillance, epidemiology and information systems; targeting health interventions to improve health and prevent disease.

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Joint CEOAS and CPHHS Ignite Colloquia: Climate Change Impacts on Human Health

April 5, 2017

Topics may include but are not limited to: Range shifts, productivity and food security in SSF; Building climate resilience in small scale fisheries, Climate, water and air quality nexus; Tribal Health and Climate Change; Environmental health literacy through the lens of First Foods; Modeling Long Term Climate Change Impacts; Poverty, Families, and Social Policy; Gender-Sensitive Agricultural Development for Food Security in Ethiopia.

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Joint College-Funded Pilot Studies

Following the Ignite Research Colloquia we awarded funding for 6 one-year collaborative projects each with a PI from the representative Colleges:

  • Alternative Techniques for Ensuring Microbiological Safety of Donor Breast Milk to Improve Enzyme Activity, Digestion and Premature Infant Growth: David Dallas, Joy Waite-Cusic
  • Experiences of Food Security, Safety Net Utilization, and Social Support among Latino Food System Workers in Oregon: Stephanie Grutzmacher, Lauren Gwin
  • Optimizing Premature Infant Glucose Balance via Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Data-controlled Glucose Infusion: David Dallas, Adam Higgins
  • Street View Imagery and Deep Learning Applications for Environmental Epidemiology and Precision Medicine: Perry Hystad, Lizhong Chen
  • Real-world Tracking of Modified Ride-On Car Use: William Smart, Sam Logan
  • Integrating Climate and Health Within the Global Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology Study: Perry Hystad, David Wrathall