Materials: 2015 Child Care and Education Researchers Roundtable

Videos of the day
Thanks to Dick Kahler of the Oregon Department of Education, videos of the Roundtable proceedings are available below.



    Reference to Publication cited at Roundtable
    Weber, R.B., & Lipscomb, S.T. (2015, June).  Supporting the professional development of Oregon’s early learning workforce. (pdf)  (Policy Brief).

    More Research on Oregon Children and Families
    Researchers from around Oregon described studies underway or recently completed. The reader will find links to the full study as well as a description of it.

    Oregon Research on Children and Families (pdf)

    Materials: 2014 Child Care and Education Researchers Roundtable


    Support for Public PreKindergarten

      References to Publications cited at Roundtable

        Play and Learn Groups

          Summary of Day: Research Questions and Discussion Notes