Primary faculty

Adam Branscum, Ph.D.

Adam's research focuses on bayesian nonparametric and semiparametric modeling, medical test evaluation, bone health, kidney disease.

Susan Carozza, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(Program Director)

As a cancer epidemiologist, Sue's research has focused on investigation of environmental factors for childhood cancers, with a special interest in applying geospatial techniques for measuring environmental exposures. Most recently, she has been conducting research into the complex relationship between birth defects and cancers in children.

Jonathan Garcia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Jonathan's work has focused on devising community-led approaches to social inclusion, HIV prevention, and Hepatitis C treatment access, especially among Latinos and LGBT populations.

Veronica Irvin, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor

Veronica is currently studying the idea that how medical and science information is presented can change someone’s behavior. The goal is to understand how people make decisions from this information and how it impacts their health. She also investigates how scientists present their results to other scientists.

Karen Volmar, JD, MPH
Clinical Associate Professor

Karen's research interests intersect public health policy, health care administration and international health. Her work focuses on health plan design, impact of insurance on health care delivery, legal issues in health care financing, and delivery and comparative health systems.

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