Need a new headshot or other photos?

When you need a new headshot or photos taken for a project, please contact Alan and/or learn more about photography at Oregon State and download official OSU photographs at The Oregon State Brand site.

If you are looking for a photo from a previous photo shoot or event, we invite you to look through our Flickr account


Photo or video permission 

If you take photos or videos in a public space where individuals don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy, for example in Reser Stadium, you do not need to seek permission from those over 21. However, always get permission from parents of children and let people know that they may be part of the photo or video so they can choose not to participate.

When filming or photographing individuals for marketing purposes, we ask individuals to sign the OSU Model Release Form.

We generally do not seek formal permission from faculty/staff to film or videotape interviews; students are asked to sign the model release form when they are interviewed.