H410 internship

Marquis Companies has provided Health Management and Policy and Health Promotion and Health Behavior internships for Oregon State Public Health students for over ten years. With several facilities in the Portland Metro area, Marquis Companies continues to be a strong partner for internships that often lead to employment after graduation. Visit Marquis Internships for more information.

OSU Extension Service, Family and Community Health has offices throughout Oregon, in all counties.  They provide internships that focus on nutrition education and community outreach for Health Promotion and Health Behavior students.  For more information visit OSU Extension Service, Family and Community Health.

About H410

H410 is a full time internship experience in a public health setting which can include government agencies, nonprofit community organizations, clinics, and hospitals.

H410 Prerequisites

  • Health Management and Policy: H407 and H436
  • Health Promotion and Health Behavior: H407 and H476
  • Environmental Safety and Health (declared minor before Fall 2017:) H407
  • Environmental and Occupational Health (declared minor Fall 2017 or after): H407 and H480

Please note: Internships cannot be done in Massachusetts.

H410 Internship Resources

It is the responsibility of the student to find an internship, students are not placed at internship sites. Please see the following resources that are beneficial with finding an Internship.

Instructions and Deadlines for H410 Approval

All forms can be found at the end of the Internship Handbook.

If you want to take H410, Forms A1 and A2 must be submitted by 11:59pm the Monday of finals week before the term you want to do your internship to get an override. You have up until the first week of the term to register for H410.  You cannot count any internship hours until you are registered.

I want to take H410 in: The Forms A1 and A2  must be submitted by:
Spring 2018 11:59pm PST, March 19th, 2018
Summer 2018 11:59pm PST, June 11th, 2018 to get approval to register for Summer Session 1
Fall 2018 11:59pm PST, September 7th, 2018 this is extended due to the Labor Day holiday 
Winter 2019 11:59pm PST, December 3rd, 2018

International Internships: IE3

Students with Oakley Venda VHC Farmankurgan "Primary School" Zamira's kids

If you are interested in doing an International Internship, please click here to contact the IE3 office and please note they have their own application process, and below are their due dates:

IE3 scholarship application deadlines are 2 weeks after the IE3 application deadlines (listed below).

Term IE3 Application Deadline:
Summer January 25
Fall April 15
Winter September 1
Spring November 15th

Internship Manuals and Forms: 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question? Be sure to look through the H410 FAQ first.

Internship Requirements

Interns have a lot to contribute to the organizations in which they work. For an in-depth explanation of the intern/preceptor relationship, as well as option specific requirements please refer to our Internship Requirements page