The H407 Pre-Internship Seminar prepares students for the H410 public health internship.


Prerequisites for H407 (please note these courses cannot be taken concurrently with H407):

  • Health Management and Policy: H436
  • Health Promotion and Health Behavior: H320
  • Environmental and Occupational Health: H480 if you declare your minor Fall 2017 or beyond, this prereq is not in effect for those who declared their minor before Fall 2017

Instructions and Deadlines for H407 Registration

If you want to take H407, you must submit your online application as soon as possible.  The applications open on this website by Week 7 of each term.  The course size is approximately 55-60 each term.   We will accept applications up until the maximum capacity has been reached.  If the capacity has not been reached we will accept application until  5pm the Friday of Week 3 the term before the term you want to take H407. If the maximum capacity has been reached before Friday of Week 3, a waitlist will be started.

It is strongly encouraged to take H407 at least one term before your internship term.  For those seeking to do Summer internships, please try to register for Fall or Winter H407!

I want to take H407 in: Your application is due:
Fall Week 3 of Summer Term 2018, space permitting
Winter Week 3 of Fall Term 2018, space permitting
Spring Week 3 of Winter Term 2018, space permitting (January 26th, 2018)
Summer Week 3 of Spring Term 2018, space permitting (April 20th, 2018)

Complete and Submit the H407 Application:

  • The application for Spring Term 2018 is now available!
  • As part of your application you will be asked to submit an academic plan: below is an example of what an academic plan may look like as part of the H407 application.

Fall 2017

  • ES 101, 3 credits.
  • H 320, 3 credits.
  • HDFS 240, 3 credits.
  • ST 201, 4 credits.

Winter 2018

  • H 407, 2 credits.
  • H 476, 4 credits.
  • Comm 437, 3 credits.
  • FST 251, 3 credits.
  • MB 230, 4 credits.

Spring 2018

  • H 410, 12 credits.


H407 FAQ

Visit the H407 FAQ for more information regarding material covered in the class, as well as other frequently asked questions.