Doctoral students at Oregon State University earn their Ph.D. within a disciplinary department. Requirements vary by departments. For details, please refer to Academic Deadlines from the Graduate School.

In addition to general university doctoral requirements, all IGERT trainees will complete a required integrated minor in Aging Sciences that will be transcript visible.

Steps for applying to the IGERT in Aging

Step 1
As indicated, students must first apply to one of the OSU doctoral programs listed on the right.

We highly recommend that in the “Statement of Objectives” of the departmental application, the student indicate an interest in the IGERT program, stating “I am interested in being considered for the NSF IGERT in Aging Sciences Program."

Step 2
Notify the IGERT recruiting committee of your interest in the program by completing the form below.

Step 3
When you have been accepted into a participating Ph.D. program at Oregon State University, you will be contacted to provide additional information, including a 250 word statement of interest in the IGERT in Aging Sciences program.

You may also contact Holly Lenz if you have questions about the IGERT program.


Indication of Interest

Please fill complete the information below to indicate your interest in the IGERT in Aging Sciences.

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