Judge's Choice Award- NSF IGERT Video & Poster competition 2012

Congratulations to Kuntol Rakshit, who just won the Judge's Choice Award for 2012 NSF IGERT Video & Poster Competition on June 1st. He presented his current research on The circadian clock and its neuro-protective role during aging (click for the video or in IGERT Media)

Rakshit NSF IGERT Award 2012    Rakshit NSF IGERT Award 2012-pic2


Recent Published research

    Congratulations to our IGERT faculty Dr. Jaga Giebultowicz  and IGERT trainee Kuntol Rakshit on the excellent work!

    New research at Oregon State University provides evidence for the first time that disruption of circadian rhythms – the biological “clocks” found in many animals – can clearly cause accelerated neurodegeneration, loss of motor function and premature death.

    For research details: Disruption of body clock causes neuro-degeneration and early death


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