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Lifetime Fitness for Health | HHS 231 | College of Public Health and Human Sciences


Nutrition Wellness Fair

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This baccalaureate core course is designed to encourage personal awareness and responsibility for the maintenance of health and physical well being. Through lectures and lab experiences students will expand their knowledge of health and wellness. The section, meeting time, location and instructor for any HHS courses you have enrolled in can be found by logging into Blackboard

Be sure to read how HHS 231 is Revamping health education to better meet students’ needs

Lab Times & Instructors

Lab times and instructors are in the OSU General Catalog and Schedule of Classes' listing for HHS 241.

Resource Guide

The HHS 231 Resource Guide contains campus resources for students relating to nutrition, physical activity and stress management.

Exam Dates

Final Exam | There is no Final Exam for the HHS 241 lab. If you are registered concurrently with HHS 231, refer to its syllabi for the Final Exam time or to the OSU General Catalog and Schedule of Classes listings for Group Final Exam times - Only those students who have a conflict with another exam will be allowed to reschedule the exam time for HHS 231.

Special Examination for Waiver or Credit

A Special Examamination for Waiver or Credit (Special Exam) is offered for those students who wish to demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in the course in place of taking the entire course of lectures and labs.

Details about how to take the exam are available on the HHS 231 Special Examination page.