Feature Stories

Inside the mind of researcher Robert Stawski

“I hope my research will help advance understanding about how stressful experiences – both major and minor – impact mental, physical and cognitive health, and identify potential points for optimal intervention and prevention efforts," CPHHS Associate Professor Robert Stawski says.

Eat and run with the CPHHS during Homecoming 2014

Join the College of Public Health and Human Sciences as it bridges two of its powerhouse disciplines, Exercise and Sport Science and Nutrition, for a not-to-be-missed Homecoming celebration Saturday, Nov. 1.

Video: Health awareness doesn’t end at the finish line for student runners

Surrounded with support from more than 50 Oregon State faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members, Exercise and Sport Science students Jeremiah and Isaiah Godby took the final steps of the Health Extension Run 2014 at the College of Public Health and Human Sciences’ VIP accreditation celebration Sept. 5.

Internship abroad confirms student’s passions, future aspirations

Whether it was shadowing medical professionals, visiting local non-profits or fulfilling his childhood dream of visiting the Taj Mahal, Nutrition student Charles Baugh’s internship abroad experience in India is one he’ll never forget.

Inside the mind of researcher Emily Ho

“I’m very interested in what we eat and how food has an impact in terms of healthy lifestyles and letting us live better," says CPHHS Moore Family Center Director Emily Ho.

CPHHS experts weigh in on childhood obesity awareness month

As the childhood obesity epidemic continues to rise in the United States, lives are put at risk as health problems become more common in children that were once only seen in adults. Researchers in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences are working to reverse this trend. Continue reading for tips on how to prevent/reverse childhood obesity.

Getting to know: Denise Rennekamp

“Build genuine, trusting relationships with your colleagues and others you come in contact with. Relationships are the foundation for everything, including your career," Outreach, Parenting Education Program Coordinator Denise Rennekamp says.

New CPHHS workshop helps teachers learn to optimize children’s early school success

To increase the odds for later-life success, CPHHS’ early childhood researchers have developed a workshop focused on the importance of children’s early self-regulation throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Inside the mind of researcher Karen Hooker

“We know that personality makes a difference in life outcomes, but the interesting questions are getting at how this works and under what conditions personality and outcomes, such as finding satisfaction with life or using health care services, are linked," Professor Karen Hooker says.

Inside the mind of researcher Urszula Iwaniec

“I hope that my research will contribute to decreasing osteoporosis and reducing fracture risk, especially in aging individuals," Urszula says.