Feature Stories

Inside the mind of researcher Rick Settersten

"Life course research reveals both the bright sides and the dark sides of human experience," says CPHHS Professor Rick Settersten. "This fuels the passion I feel around matters of social inequality.”

Inside the mind of researcher Steph Bernell

"Right now, I am interested in exploring the unintended consequences of policies that at first glance might not be viewed as public health policy. My current research links agriculture and forest policy to mental and physical health," says CPHHS associate professor Steph Bernell.

Students learn importance of research through Undergraduate Research Awards Program

CPHHS undergraduate students are learning the importance research has on influencing the health and well-being of the community and beyond through the Undergraduate Research Awards Program (URAP).

OSU teaches Portland’s Hispanic community about healthy eating

The free eight-week class helps participants with the fundamentals of healthy eating such as choosing more vegetables over too many carbohydrates, baking instead of frying and substituting water for soda.

CPHHS faculty to receive $4.6 million in grants for early childhood learning research
Researchers in Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences have been awarded $4.6 million in federal grants to study how to better prepare at-risk children for school.
Preschool kids can have fun building the crucial life skill of self-regulation, research shows
The best predictor of kids' academic success might not be how many letters they recognize by age 3, but how well they plan ahead, pay attention, remember and follow instructions, and control their impulses and emotions.
OSU faculty to receive $4.6 million in grants for early childhood learning research
In all, 15 Early Learning Program grants were awarded; OSU received three of the grants and was the only Oregon institution to receive funding from that program.
Too many Oregon students unready for kindergarten, state officials lament
Some districts start the school year needing to instill a lot of self-regulation and interpersonal skills.
Video: Commencement 2015 – A world of possibilities

In addition to a record-breaking number of graduates in the college – more than 800 undergraduates and nearly 100 graduate students – these graduating students are the first to earn a degree from the newly accredited College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

Beaming with pride: Luke Kawasaki takes center stage in OSU LGBTQ community

“Drag is more than just getting on stage in high heels and a gorgeous dress with makeup on my face,” says CPHHS senior Luke Kawasaki. “I use drag to tell the world that gender queer and trans bodies are not something to be feared or ignored."