Feature Stories

Buckle Up: Test Driving Comfort Technology Of Vehicle Seats
Jay Kim is working on a solution by studying the long-term health benefits of a massage feature in vehicle seats -- specifically in the areas of ergonomics, physiology, and biomechanics.
Typing on a Tablet Can Put a Strain on Your Shoulders
Using Touch-Screen Keyboards for Long Periods of Time Could Lead to Shoulder Problems
Find the Best Phone-Screen Size for You
Jay Kim and others studying tablets have found a correlation between typing speed and size of virtual keys.
Injuries among Dungeness crab fishermen examined in new OSU study
Commercial fishing Injuries can be life-threatening and life-altering, leading to disability, decreased quality of life and lost wages.
Public Exposure Tracking the Wind
Silicone wristbands and vented metal boxes are among the sampling platforms. They capture more than 1,400 of the many thousands of chemicals that may be present in our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces.
Inside the mind of researcher Laurel Kincl
The goal is to prevent illness and injury in the populations I work with and to create safe and healthy workplaces and environments.
Slideshow: 2015 CPHHS highlights

As a fast-growing accredited college of public health and human sciences, change is the only constant, and the year has been a whirlwind. View the slideshow to see what we've been up to!

Inside the mind of researcher Jangho Yoon

"I am hoping that my research overall informs policy directly, assisting in successfully transforming our current mental health system to a more recovery oriented, culturally competent, consumer-oriented and cost-effective system," says Assistant Professor Jangho Yoon.