Feature Stories

Getting to know: Denise Rennekamp

“Build genuine, trusting relationships with your colleagues and others you come in contact with. Relationships are the foundation for everything, including your career," Outreach, Parenting Education Program Coordinator Denise Rennekamp says.

New CPHHS workshop helps teachers learn to optimize children’s early school success

To increase the odds for later-life success, CPHHS’ early childhood researchers have developed a workshop focused on the importance of children’s early self-regulation throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Inside the mind of researcher Karen Hooker

“We know that personality makes a difference in life outcomes, but the interesting questions are getting at how this works and under what conditions personality and outcomes, such as finding satisfaction with life or using health care services, are linked," Professor Karen Hooker says.

Inside the mind of researcher Urszula Iwaniec

“I hope that my research will contribute to decreasing osteoporosis and reducing fracture risk, especially in aging individuals," Urszula says.

GSA appoints CPHHS grad student to international task force

CPHHS doctoral candidate Han-Jung Ko (Koko) has been appointed to serve on the Gerontological Society of America’s Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization’s International Task Force.

College celebrates accreditation with a toast to faculty

To celebrate the CPHHS' recent accreditation, the college hosted an appreciation event for its faculty and staff – the visionaries, scholars and doers who helped realize the college’s accreditation dream – at Lumos Winery near Philomath.

Changes in processing, handling could reduce commercial fishing injuries, research shows

Handling frozen fish caused nearly half of all injuries aboard commercial freezer-trawlers and about a quarter of the injuries on freezer-longliner vessels operating off the coast of Alaska, new research from Oregon State University shows.

Faculty Staff Fitness celebrates 30 years of improving fitness and health

Oregon State University’s one-of-a-kind Faculty Staff Fitness program in the CPHHS makes working out fun – and convenient – for everyone.

Video: IMPACT for Life creates friendships through group fitness

Adults with disabilities in the Corvallis community now have a unique opportunity to exercise – while making friends – at IMPACT for Life's new group fitness classes.

Video: CPHHS students to run across Oregon this summer promoting health and physical activity

CPHHS students and brothers Jeremiah and Isaiah Godby will spend their summer running across Oregon in an effort to encourage Oregonians to improve their health through better eating and exercise.