Feature Stories

Self-regulation intervention boosts school readiness of at-risk children, study shows

An intervention that uses music and games to help preschoolers learn self-regulation skills is helping prepare at-risk children for kindergarten, a new study from Oregon State University shows.

Video: Children with disabilities gain new freedom with modified cars

More than half a dozen Oregon children have a shiny new set of wheels – and new freedom – thanks to a program aimed at improving motor, physical, social and cognitive skills in children with disabilities.

Inside the mind of researcher Donald Jump

“Our overall plan is to develop strategies to combat NAFLD using our preclinical approach in mice. If successful, these studies will set the stage for future human clinical trials," Donald says.

 Video – TEAM OREGON instructors: “This is not just a job, it’s an adventure”

Many tend to view their job as “work” – but not TEAM OREGON instructors. For these professionals, work is a time to connect with the community, teach others how to ride a motorcycle and most importantly, ensure the safety of motorcyclists and car drivers alike.

Q&A with MPH ’09 alum Grady Maxwell

“I’m part of an agency that strives to improve human health through preserving the Earth’s land, air and water from contamination. This is achieved by researching environmental impacts to establish regulations that protect present and future generations," Grady says.

Inside the mind of researcher Bobbie Weber

“Learning more about the effectiveness of different strategies for improving the lives of children and families can inform the decisions of policy makers and others," Bobbie Weber says.

Health and Well-Being Living-Learning Community adds to students’ experience

It can be difficult being new to a large university such as Oregon State. Managing a variety of classes and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge – but Oregon State’s new Health and Well-Being Living-Learning Community (LLC) is helping students succeed in all aspects of life and academics.

The world at her fingertips; Home Ec alumna channels her roots

College of Home Economics (now College of Public Health and Human Sciences) alumna C. Joanne (Huffman) Grabinski, ’63, is taking a new direction in life, and channeling her Home Ec roots through needlepoint art.

Tera Stegner: Serving with purpose

Tera Stegner has a heart for the elderly in Corvallis, the college town she’s come to know and love since transferring to Oregon State her junior year to study gerontology, part of the Human Development and Family Sciences program in the CPHHS.

CPHHS faculty/staff earn college, university awards

As the first accredited college of public health and human sciences in Oregon, CPHHS faculty and staff are the backbone behind the college’s past achievements and those to come in the future.