Oregon State University Impact 2012


#healthyeconomyFor 140 years, OSU has made a significant and positive difference to Oregonians across the state. In January, President Ed Ray began discussing OSU’s economic and social impact, and he will continue those discussions in communities throughout the state in 2012.

What you can do: Tell us the story of how your teaching, research or outreach is impacting Oregonians, let us know of your partners across the state who could help in telling our story, and tell your friends and family about the importance of our work. Add your voice to the narrative by contacting Kathryn Stroppel, and read and share the following documents:

The Final Report (pdf) summarizes how Oregon State lifts the quality of life and the economy of Oregon, the nation and the world through teaching, research and community engagement.

The Final Portland Vignette insert (pdf) details Oregon State’s presence and impact throughout the Portland region. Other localized “inserts” will be provided for each of the communities and regions that are part of the statewide roll-out tour. OSU will also be providing much more in-depth and localized analysis of our graduates’ contributions.

More information can be found at Powered by Orange