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Activity Class Schedule, Winter Term 2014

Open registration Monday December 2nd

Online Registration

Classes begin Monday, January 6th and end Friday, March 14th.
No Classes MLK Jr. Holiday Monday January 20th.

CLOSED CLASSES will be shown in red

1 Day/week class = $35
2 Day/week class = $55
3 Day/week class = $70

Special or other classes: Prices may vary









  Aerobic Machine Workout (F)
MWF 0700-0750 Langton 013 Scott Peterson
  Aerobic Machine-Blues Power MWF 1200-1250 Langton 013 Mark Harmon
  Aerobic Machine Circuits TR 1200-1250  Langton 013  Rochelle Schwab $55
  Cardio Kickboxing MWF 1200-1250 Langton 200
Rochelle/Nikky $70
  Step & Sculpt MW 1715-1805 Langton 200 Nikky Klaas
  Zumba (details) T/R/F 1200-1250 Langton 200 Monica Olvera $65


  Aqua Aerobics MWF 1200-1250 WB Pool Kodi Byers
  Therapeutic Water Exercise MW/R 1715-1800 WB Pool Ann Asbell/Beth $55/$70
  Swim I/II TR 1700-1750 Langton pool
Kodi Byers
  Masters Open Swim
TR 1700-1750 Langton Pool Kodi Byers
  Swim Skills Workout
TR 1200-1250
Langton Pool Marlys Cappaert $55
  Masters Swim Workout MWF 1200-1250 Langton Pool Killian Maxwell


  Back Clinic/Conditioning MW 1230-1320 WB 009 Kyle Larkin $55*
  Back Clinic/Conditioning
F 1200-1250
WB 009 Kyle Larkin $35*
MWF 1200-1320 Langton 301 Gianni Maddalozzo $70


  Core Stability Ball/Yoga TR 1200-1250 Langton 301 Carey Hilbert $55
  Fusion TR 1230-1320 WB 118 Lisa Brodkorb $55
  Fusion TR 1715-1805 WB 204 Lisa Brodkorb $55
  Pilates I MW 1200-1250 WB 118 Lisa Brodkorb $55
  Pilates II TR 1100-1150 Langton 301 Angie Greenwood $55
  Restorative Yoga
TR 1200-1250 WB 204 TBA $55

Active Tri-Flow Yoga
MW 1200-1250 WB 204 Sujita Sklenar $55
  Therapeutic Yoga
MW 1715-1805 WB 204 Chama Bovee $55

Weight Training

Cardio Weights
MWF 1100-1145 Langton 006 Nikky Klaas
  Circuit Weight Training MWF 0700-0745 Langton 006 Kyle Larkin/Nikky Klaas
  Circuit Weight Training MWF 1615-1705 Langton 006/200 Nikky Klaas/Nick
  Circuit Weight Training MW 1715-1805 Langton 006 Kyle Larkin
  Circuit Weight Training TR 0700-0745 Langton 006 Kyle Larkin

Circuit Weight Training TR 1215-1300 Langton 006 Nick DeGandi

Circuit Weight Training TR 1615-1705 Langton 006 Rochelle Schwab  $55
  Circuit Weight Training TR 1715-1805 Langton 006 Rochelle Schwab  $55


T 1730-1830
Langton 200 Marcus Sterling $55
  Dance: T 1900-2030 Langton 200 Marcus Sterling $55
  Dance: R 1900-2030 Langton 200 Marcus Sterling $55
  Beaver Strides* You Determine You Determine Student Health Services $20
  Pac** Variable Multiple Variable $49/64

Featured classes of interest

Cardio Weights
Class focuses on the use of free weights, resistance training and body weight to strengthen and sculpt. (No weight machines will be used). Registering for this course requires a minimum of two days.

Improve your total body and core strength, reduce stress, alleviate pain and soreness, and gain flexibility with this innovative program.

A fusion of Latin and International music - dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps. Fun! Fun! Fun! Watch Zumba in action.

Weight Training (Open Weights)

If you have never used weights before or just want a better understanding about using weights and/or machines, this is the class for you! (you may combine with a 1615 or 1715 MWF course to apply concept).

Beaver Strides

FSF has partnered with Beaver strides to provide individuals the opportunity to have more control over their activity. Participation in Beaver Strides can count toward PEBB benefits. FSF will help assist you through the registration process, located online. But pay & equipment pick-up will be at the Student Health Services desk located in Dixon. Registration and payment ends January 3rd. Last day for pick up is January 6th. Please keep in mind that if you DO NOT register or pick up your packet by those dates you CANNOT participate, unlike regular FSF classes where you can join a class weeks after it has begun.

PAC Courses

 **Individuals may enroll in any PAC class that has available spots after the first week of the term.  Classes can be found online here.  Individuals must pay the PAC fees associated with each class, most class fees are $49 for two times a week and $64 for three days a week.  However, some classes do have additional fees to cover the cost of the equipment and travel expenses associated to the course, such as scuba, skiing, and many of the outdoor recreation and education classes.