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Activity Class Schedule, Fall Term 2015

Term goes from September 28-December 4th, unless otherwise specified.

No Classes Wednesday, November 11th for Veteran's Day and Thursday, November 26th -Friday, November 27th for Thanksgiving Holiday

CLOSED CLASSES will be shown with a red box to the left of the class.

Class Pricing:
1 Day/week class = $35
2 Day/week class = $55
3 Day/week class = $70
Special or other classes: Prices may vary.

Flex: Flex/Trial Pass eligible classes. Passes can be purchased in office for $4 per class session. Please contact us for more information.

Updated 10/26/15 @1:00pm 







  Aerobic Machine Workout (Flex)
MWF 0700-0750 Langton 013 Scott Peterson $70
  Aerobic Machine Circuits TR 1200-1250 Langton 013  Rochelle Schwab $55
  Aerobic Machine Blues Power (Flex) MWF 1200-1250 Langton 013 Mark Harmon $70
  Cardio Kickboxing MWF 1200-1250 Langton 200 Emily/Rochelle/Laura $70
  Step/Sculpt MW 1715-1805 Langton 200 Dee Gillen
  Conditioning (Flex) MW 0700-0750 Langton 200 Nick DeGandi $55
New Class! Latin Dance Fusion (Flex)
TR 1715-1805
Langton 200 Laura Luczkiw


Aqua Aerobics (Flex) MWF 1200-1250 WB Pool Michelle Smith
Added T/R option
Therapeutic Water Exercise

MW 1715-1800 OR
TR  1715-1800

WB Pool

Ann Asbell (MW)
Beth Lambright (TR)

  Swim I/II & Open Swim (Flex)
TR 1700-1750 Langton Pool Marlys Cappaert


  Swim Skills Workout TR 1200-1250 Langton Pool Marlys Cappaert $55
  Masters Swim Workout MWF 1200-1250 Langton Pool Lauralee Fernandez


 CLOSED Back Clinic/Conditioning MW 1230-1320, F 1200-1250
WB 009 Kyle Larkin $70
  CoreFit MWF 1200-1320 Langton 301 Gianni Maddalozzo $70


  Core Stability Ball/Yoga TR 1200-1250 Langton 301 Carey Hilbert $55


Fusion TR 1230-1320 WB 118
Lisa Brodkorb $55
  Fusion (Flex)
TR 1715-1805 WB 204 Moved to WB 118 Lisa Brodkorb $55
 New Class! Pilates Flow
TR 1200-1250 Langton 200
Michelle Smith
  Restorative Yoga (basic) TR 1200-1250 WB 204 Subbappa Ribeiro
CLOSED Active Tri-Flow Yoga MW 1200-1250 WB 204 Sujita Sklenar $55
  Therapeutic Yoga (basic) (Flex)
MW 1715-1805 WB 204 Chama Bovee $55

Weight Training

 CLOSED Cardio Weights*  MWF 1100-1145 Langton 006 Nick DeGandi
  Circuit Weight Training (Flex) MWF 0700-0745 Langton 006 Kyle Larkin
  Circuit Weight Training (Flex)
MWF 1615-1705

Lang 006(MW)/

Nikky Klaas/TBA
  Circuit Weight Training (Flex)
MW 1715-1805 Langton 006 Kyle Larkin $55
  Circuit Weight Training (Flex) TR 0700-0745 Langton 006 Nick DeGandi
  Circuit Weight Training TR 1215-1300 Langton 006 Drew Ibarra/
Matt McDowell
  Circuit Weight Training* TR 1615-1705 Langton 006 Rochelle Schwab $55


Circuit Weight Training TR 1715-1805 Langton 006 Rochelle Schwab $55


  Dance: Ballroom Technique
T 1900-2030 Langton 200 Marcus Sterling  $55
  Dance: West Coast Swing Technique
R 1900-2030 Langton 200 Marcus Sterling


*Requires registration for all days, partial registration not available.

**PAC courses listed above have limited availability. There are many more PAC classes offered and individuals may enroll in any PAC class that has available spots after the first week of the term. Classes can be found online on the Course Catalog. Individuals must pay the PAC fees associated with each class (most $49). However, some classes do have additional fees to cover the cost of the equipment and travel expenses associated to the course, such as scuba, skiing, and many of the outdoor recreation and education classes.