Application Deadline
February 1

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If you are a current OSU undergraduate student, you can to take graduate classes and apply those credits to your current undergraduate degree, then transfer them to a participating graduate program.

Up to nine graduate credits will count toward a bachelor’s degree and transfer to a graduate program. With careful planning, you can complete a master’s degree within one year of finishing your bachelor’s degree.

You are eligible for this program if you are working toward a BS in Public Health with the Health Management and Policy option

The following graduate level courses will satisfy requirements for both the BS Public Health (Health Management and Policy option) and the MPH (Health Management and Policy option).

In the accelerated program, you can apply 9 graduate credits taken as an undergraduate to a graduate degree. We have identified 12 credits that can be applied to both degrees, which gives you and your advisor flexibility in constructing a plan that will allow timely completion of both degrees.


BS Public Health Requirement

Phil444: Biomedical Ethics (4)
H457: Financial Mgmt. of Health Care Orgs. (3)
H458: Reimbursement Mechanisms (3)
H319: Introduction to Health Policy (3)


MPH Health Mgmt. and Policy Requirement

Phil544: Biomedical Ethics (4)
H557: Financial Mgmt. of Health Care Orgs. (3)
H558: Reimbursement Mechanisms (3)
H530: Health Policy Analysis (3)