The Child Development Center is a research program for faculty and graduate students in the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences and the College of Health & Human Sciences. Our facility is equipped with unobtrusive observation technologies, providing a variety of settings for investigators to meet with children and families to explore interesting topics.

All research investigations conducted at the Child Development Center are reviewed and approved by the OSU Institutional Review Board for implementation with human subjects. Parents and other participants have the opportunity to learn about the research investigation and must give their consent in advance of participation.

The Child Development Center Director and faculty work closely with research investigators to ensure that interactions with children follow appropriate guidelines.

Recent investigations include:

  • Megan McClelland & Shauna Tominey: The Kindergarten Readiness Study (focus: early literacy & learning related social skills)
  • Marilyn Read & Deborah Upington: Children's Preferences for Childcare Center Design (focus: child preferences for space and design features
  • Sako Tsutsuminaka: Student Teacher's Experiences with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children (focus: Teacher interaction styles
  • Carrie Farris: Children's Learning-Related Social Skills and the Home Literacy Environment to Predict Early Literacy Skills (focus: early literacy development
  • YuChi Huang & Carolyn Raab: Child & Parent Eating Study (focus:child nutrition
  • Mary Bridget Klotz: Exploring Emotions Through Art (focus: art as a medium of expression for children identified with autism spectrum disorders)