The Child Development Center is dedicated to discovering and communicating knowledge that contributes to the optimal development and well-being of young children and their families.

As part of Human Development and Family Sciences, the Child Development Center prepares professionals in early childhood development and family services; generates and transmits knowledge on family-focused early childhood programs through research, program development, and evaluation; and provides a developmental program of the highest quality for young children and their families that serves as a resource for the community-at-large.


Programs of the OSU Child Development Center are guided by the following principles:

  • Children thrive when the preschool program is a caring and supportive environment that respects individual uniqueness and allows for self-discovery.
  • Children at all levels of development and children who speak home languages other than English are welcome here.
  • Child development and learning occurs best when it is a cooperative experience among children, parents, teachers, health and social support personnel.
  • Parents, teachers, and special support personnel work together to create goals and strategies that meet the needs of the growing child.
  • Families are supported best when the program presents a community atmosphere where everyone is welcome.
  • Parent involvement in classroom activities, family socials, and opportunities for parents to participate in shared decision making about program services are all ways that a community atmosphere is created.
  • Preschool education, health and family services must be based on "evidence based" models of early education and development that have been proven to be effective through research and evaluation.

      The OSU Child Development Center is a student training and research program that gleans from and contributes to the knowledge base of child development and early care and education programming, to enhance the positive experience of all children.