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Health in Action is a program developed by faculty of the OSU Child Development Laboratory to address the epidemic of overweight and obesity in young children. The program addresses two of the components that impact overweight and obesity: nutrition and physical activity levels.

Health in Action is designed to help early childhood educators:

  • Learn about the epidemic of overweight and obesity in young children
  • Recognize their role as partners with parents in addressing the causes of overweight and obesity
  • Learn specific and concrete steps that can be taken in the program setting to improve child health outcomes
  • Implement a program-wide approach to review program practices around nutrition and physical activity and to identify actions that can be taken to meet best practice goals that will improve the health of all young children

    The program-wide approach is aimed towards the people who have the greatest contact with young children:

    • Early childhood program administrators: Directors, Coordinators, Specialists
    • Teachers
    • Home Visitors and Parent Educators
    • Parents

      The Health in Action approach is based on a 5 Steps to Good Health model that pairs significant nutrition messages and physical activity messages.

      • Materials guide the participants through:
      • Review of the research rationale for each step
      • Self-study of program and/or family practices
      • Review of best practice goals to promote children's health
      • Goal setting
      • Ways to implement change (Make It Happen)
      • Challenges, bumps, and barriers to consider and address