The preschool programs are open to any interested family.

Children must be at least 3 years of age on September 1st of the year they enroll and not yet age eligible for public school kindergarten.

Families seeking to enroll their child through the Oregon Head Start Prekindergarten Program must meet eligibility guidelines. Eligibility information is described on

Parents whose children have special developmental needs are welcome to apply.

Applications are accepted year around

Request for Enrollment Form

To apply through Community enrollment, please fill out the Community Preschool Request for Enrollment Form (pdf) and mail or bring the form to:

OSU Child Development Center
130 Bates Hall
Corvallis OR 97331-5151

or Fax it to: 541-737-5579
or send by email to: Kathleen.McDonnell@oregonstate.edu

Head Start

To apply through Head Start enrollment, please fill out the OSU Oregon Head Start Prekindergarten Application:

and mail or bring the completed form to:

Wendy McKenna
OSU Head Start Prekindergarten
104 Bates Hall
Corvallis OR  97331-5151

or Fax to: 541-737-5579
or e-mail to: wendy.mckenna@oregonstate.edu

Placement and Enrollment

Community placements are offered based on the date of the Request for Enrollment. Children who participate as 3-year-olds have priority to return for their 4-year-old year. The needs of research investigations are considered when placing children for a particular year. Children with special developmental needs are placed at the Child Development Center in collaboration with Linn/Benton/Lincoln ESD Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Program. Mid-year placements are made as space allows.

Oregon Head Start Prekindergarten Program placements are selected based on income and other types of eligibility and family needs.