1. Are you a returning student with coursework completed within the past 7 years and you'd like to see if the coursework applies? Please see OSU's articulation tables before contacting the DPD Director. You will be checking the tables if any of the Pre-Dietetics requirements or Dietetics requirements are covered by your previous coursework.
  2. Are you a returning student with coursework completed before 7 years ago?  Please refer to the OSU Pre-Dietetics requirements and Dietetics requirements.
  3. Are you interested in our Nutrition Graduate Program?
  4. Are you interested in Pathway III, Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR)?  This is a new option as of 2009 where graduating students from a Dietetics baccalaureate program qualify to sit for the DTR exam.  Graduating Dietetics students (meeting OSU's coursework requirements and GPA requirements) qualify to apply for the DTR exam or for Dietetic Internship programs.

OSU's Dietetics Program is the first step in becoming a Registered Dietitian.

The Registered Dietitian (RD) is a credential that is offered and managed by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). CDR bases its requirements for registration status on the educational and training competencies that have been assessed by the American Dietetic Association as being integral to the practice of dietetics and the protection of the public.

The RD is the food and nutrition expert.

The study of nutrition, food and its application to health promotion and disease prevention requires a comprehensive understanding of human physiology, medical nutritional therapy, food management, food science and how this knowledge can be translated into skills that assist individuals, groups, and communities achieve optimal health and better quality of life.

Read more about who the RD is and the routes to entering this exciting and rewarding career.