Applying to Dietetics

How do I apply if I am currently enrolled at OSU as a non-degree seeking student?
Contact the OSU Registrar's Office to complete a change in degree status. You must declare the Pre-Dietetics option and you must meet the requirements and deadlines for application to the Dietetics program. Review the Pre-Dietetics and Dietetics web components for more information.

Getting into Dietetics

Do I have to be accepted into the Dietetics program or can I simply declare it as my major?
You need to be officially accepted into the Dietetics program. Acceptance requires an application be submitted in the spring term following the completion of your Pre-Dietetics requirements. Take some time to review the application requirements on our web page under Pre-Dietetics.

Transferring Courses

Do my previous college courses count towards my Dietetics requirements?
Courses that are seven or more years old will not articulate and will then need to be retaken. Some consideration will be given based on what the applicant has been doing since obtaining their first degree. If, after reviewing your transcripts and our Dietetics program requirements you want more information, please contact the DPD program director Neilann Horner PhD, MPH, RD

Program length

How long will it take to complete the Dietetics requirements as a post-bacc student?
Post-bacc and graduate students will take approximately 3 years to complete their Dietetics requirements depending upon the overall and science-specific undergraduate coursework completed and the time between coursework completion and entry into the Dietetics program.

Masters or PhD and Dietetics Options?

Can I do this as a MS or PhD graduate student instead of a post-bacc?
Yes you can, though space is limited due to the fewer number of MS students accepted into the Nutrition Graduate Program each year. Students must take a year of undergraduate nutrition courses before they can take upper level and graduate nutrition courses. An appointment should be made with advising to explore options as well as arranging visits with potential graduate student faculty. The typical application deadline for graduate school is January 15th. A masters program including Dietetics usually takes 3 years to complete and may or may not require a thesis.

Taking courses at OSU vs other schools

Do I need to take all of my coursework at OSU?
Most of the upper level nutrition courses (course numbers 300 & 400) need to be taken at OSU. However, one full term at OSU is required to apply to change from Pre-Dietetics to the Dietetics option. All other courses are prerequisites to entering the program and can be taken through any equivalent school. Students need to check the articulation tables to determine transfer credit.

Verification Statements

Can I obtain a verification statement from you if I earned my Dietetics degree at another university?
No, a verification statement can only be issued by the institution from which you completed your DPD requirements or in the case that you completed a minimum of 21 hours of food and nutrition coursework at OSU. Even if you have coursework or experience in the field we will require coursework at OSU. If you have completed your DPD requirements elsewhere, that institution's DPD director must sign your verification statements as well.

If you are a health professional with a nutrition background, a transcript evaluation is conducted as a part of your application for post-bacc or graduate admission.

Is it true that a verification statement is only valid for 5 years following completion of a DPD program?
No, this is NOT true. In the past the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) would not accept a verification statement that was more than 5 years old as part of an individuals eligibility to take the RD exam. This is no longer the case. However, it is to be noted that Dietetic Internships may exercise a regency of education requirement for all dietetic internship applicants. This means that even though your university may choose to issue you a verification statement, the Dietetic Internship you are applying to may choose to NOT accept an applicant based on recency of education. You will need to review program specific materials and or contact individual programs to determine if they have policies that include recency of education time limits.

International Students

How can I apply to become a dietitian with an international transcript?
International student's must first refer to the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR) for information about eligibility to become a Registered Dietitian in the USA. An international transcript evaluation is needed for OSU Dietetics admission and the links to those organizations that perform the audits can be found on the CDR website as well. It is the prospective student's responsibility to obtain transcript evaluations through CDR.

Other options for nutrition related studies

What are my options if my grades were not good enough for acceptance into the Dietetics program?
Other options that students pursue are degrees from the Public Health or Exercise Science departments. If you complete a undergraduate degree in dietetics but do not pursue a dietetic internship you can be eligible to test to become a Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR) following graduation.

Reapplying to OSU Dietetics

Can I reapply for acceptance into the Dietetics program at a later time?
While it is possible to repeat classes at OSU, the Dietetics program suggests that you do not repeat more than one course. For application to the dietetics program students are required to list all grades (including repeats) on their application and average the grades from repeated classes. We realize that students can experience challenging terms for other than academic reasons. However, applications for dietetic internship slots are very competitive and multiple repeated courses can downgrade an applicant's chance for placement. Regardless, a student who wishes to reapply to Dietetics must still achieve the program requirements relating to overall GPA, prerequisite GPA, and course-specific grade standards.

National/International Student Exchange Programs

Is it possible to participate in the National or International Student Exchange programs while in dietetics?
Yes it is possible though it may delay completion of your dietetics degree if your exchange happens during the academic year. Since the organization of courses and the number of times key courses are offered is specific and limited, taking time away from the program may cause students to miss taking key classes that are prerequisites for following courses. Talk with your academic and professional advisors for more information International exchange programs that include summer opportunities are viable and worthwhile options.