The OSUDI is not combined with a graduate degree at this time.

Simultaneous enrollment in graduate classes and the dietetic internship is not feasible.

There is an optional graduate degree available after completion of the internship.

Welcome to the accredited Dietetic Internship at Oregon State University (OSUDI).

OSUDI Program

The OSUDI is a non-credit, non-degree, post-baccalaureate program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics(ACEND). Upon successful completion, graduates are eligible to take the RD registration exam.

This program accepts 12 interns. OSUDI consists of a 9.5 month, full-time supervised practice program commencing mid-September and running through June.

This internship focuses on long-term senior nutrition care, and community nutrition, but also features experiences in traditional venues (i.e. food service, management and community). Comprised of numerous rotations in different healthcare settings under the supervision of 56 qualified preceptors, this internship prides itself on its diversity.

Why is this program unique?

OSU distinguishes our unique opportunities

  • Broad-based exposure to dietetic practice; each intern will be placed in 6-7 rotations.
  • More counseling/motivational interviewing opportunities than other internships (at PCMH sites and OSU faculty/staff counseling sessions)
  • Opportunity to participate in the future models of healthcare delivery in patient-centered medical homes (physician offices and clinics) including: Metropolitan Pediatrics and YVFWC; both sites provide nutrition care services of prevention in addition to traditional medical nutrition therapy

Intern’s professional development is our focus

The OSUDI exists to provide high quality supervised practice experiences for interns in order to attain the ACEND educational competencies. The OSUDI does not exploit interns for personal gain in the workplace and the focus of the rotation is learning. Interns may perform day-to-day work activities in a rotation but only in the context of completing an assignment or gaining experience, not to replace an absent employee. Thus, efforts are taken to encourage interns to develop professionally, engage in opportunities to become independent practitioners, develop leadership and gain exposure to mentors, to initiate the development of professional networks and to realize the value of engagement with the profession and with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Program prepares for RD exam

Following completion of the accredited didactic program in dietetics (DPD), the OSUDI is a supervised practice program fulfilling the next step in the required educational process established by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to prepare entry-level RDs. After successfully completing the dietetic internship, the student is qualified to take the Registration Examination to become an RD. Interns must be an RD in order to apply for state licensure; the State of Oregon has licensing for the RD credential.

Who Is Eligible?

Eligible students will have graduated (or are about to graduate) with at least a bachelor's degree and have completed requirements from a ACEND-accredited program called a "Didactic Program in Dietetics." Applicants come from all over the country.

All applicants must participate in the formal matching process managed through D&D Digital. More information about detailed selection criteria, qualifications and characteristics sought are available in the Selection Criteria link.

Additional information

Accreditation Status

The OSUDI is a fully accredited dietetics internship by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, Illinois 60606-6995, 1-800-877-1600 ext. 5400. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics site visit for continued accreditation occurred in Spring, 2011.


We appreciate hearing from prospective interns via email.
Feel free to contact us with your questions after reviewing our website.

Mary Cluskey, PhD, RD
Associate Professor
Dietetic Internship Director

Michelle Bump, MS, RD, CSR, LD
OSUDI Clinical Coordinator


We discourage in-person visits from prospective interns for several reasons:

  1. Most of our out-of-state interns end up in rotations outside of Corvallis (Salem/Portland areas) so there is no need to visit the OSU campus and Corvallis community.
  2. We believe visiting in-person potentially creates an unfair advantage as many prospective interns are unable to dedicate the time and money to visit programs.
  3. We conduct Skype interviews with all of our applicant finalists (even Oregon students) to ensure fairness in selection, and this also gives us an opportunity to meet you face-to-face during the selection process.

OSUDI Nutrition Consult with OSU Faculty

Dietetic Intern Erica conducts a nutrition consult with Oregon State University staff member.