Whether you are an alumnus/a or friend of the college, volunteers are essential for supporting our growing student and alumni community. Explore the many ways below to become involved with the college.

Volunteer at alumni events

Volunteer at alumni events in your community or help plan new alumni events. Participate in events across the country, which provide alumni and friends opportunities to meet and mingle at local venues. Volunteer opportunities include hosting an event in your home or office, encouraging others in your area to attend events or taking a leadership role in planning events.

Mentor a student

Offer career advice by mentoring a student by email, phone or in-person through the college's new mentorship program CATALYST. Help current students by offering job search advice and career guidance. The average time commitment is only one hour each month.

Speak to classes

Speak to classes or groups of students as a panel speaker. Share your expertise with students in person by speaking to classes or participating in a career talk or panel discussion.

Help recruit graduate students

Are you a former CPHHS graduate student? Your experiences as a former student and current professional in your filed are invaluable to recently admitted students in CPHHS graduate programs. Connect with these prospective students and share your experiences and advice as they begin their training as future public health professionals.

To learn more about how you can volunteer with the CPHHS, please fill out our volunteer form.