Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To ensure lifelong health and well-being for every person, every family, every community in Oregon and beyond.


Our Mission

Inspired by our mission as a leading land-grant university, we create synergy in teaching, research and outreach to develop the next generation of globally minded public health and human sciences professionals. Through interdisciplinary research and innovative curricula, we advance knowledge, policies and practices that improve population health in communities across Oregon and beyond.


Our Values

We share the values that guide Oregon State University: Accountability, Diversity, Respect, Responsibility and Truth. To these values, we add our dedication to:

  • Health: We are committed to advancing lifelong health and well-being for all.
  • Care and Compassion: With compassion and understanding, we commit to caring for ourselves and others.
  • Innovation: We embrace innovative approaches to addressing challenges and opportunities.
  • Continuous Improvement: We continually strive toward high standards by optimizing individual and collective strengths.
  • Cooperation and Collaboration: We promote a collegial learning and work environment that encourages cooperation, collaboration and active participation.